Did you know that Canada has a peanut butter claim to fame? Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal was the first person to patent modern peanut butter for peanut candy. Issued in 1884 by the United States government, Edson patented the finished product in the process of milling roasted peanuts. His patent is based on the preparation of a peanut paste as an intermediate to the production of the modern product we know as peanut butter.

Since peanut butter made its debut hundreds of years ago, it has proven to be a popular snack item. In fact, recent research shows that peanut consumption in Canada continues to ride high, indicating that peanut products are a staple in Canadian homes. Here’s some food for thought about peanuts and peanut butter:

  • • 94 per cent of Canadians have peanuts or peanut butter in their household.
  • • 95 per cent of Canadians consume peanuts at least every few months.
  • • 58 per cent of Canadians consume peanuts or peanut butter weekly or more often.
  • • 81 per cent of Canadian males and 79 per cent of Canadian females consume peanuts or peanut butter.
  • • 63 per cent of Canadians who consume peanut butter spread it on toast, bread, bagels or English muffins.
  • • 54 per cent of Canadians who consume peanuts do so during the day; 42.4 per cent of Canadians who consume peanuts do so at night.
  • • Of the 54 per cent who eat peanuts during the day, 23.1 per cent eat it in the morning; 30.6 per cent eat it in the afternoon.
  • • Of the 42 per cent of Canadians who eat peanuts at night, 2.55 per cent do so at dinner; 39.9 per cent do so in the evening.
  • • 91 per cent of Canadians who consume peanuts and peanut butter think peanuts and peanut butter are a healthy snack or food choice.

See below to view the patent for peanut candy:

Sources: National Peanut Board, Leger Marketing


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Did You Know?

  • peanut
    The peanut is also called the earthnut, groundnut and goober pea.
  • did-you-know-2

    Peanuts are 100 per cent cholesterol-free and contain oleic acid, a heart-healthy source of unsaturated fat.

  • peanut-protein
    The peanut contains more protein than any other nut.
  • peanut-butter-jar
    Peanut butter was invented around 1890 as a health food for the undernourished.

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